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Supporting The Ukraine

Supporting Ukraine

Cambridge Electronic Industries does not sell products to countries that support, sponsor or commit acts of terrorism. We equally will not sell to countries who violate another country's sovereign status or are seen to support it.

Featured Products

12GHz Micro BNC Range

12GHz Micro BNC Range

Our Micro BNC core range offers a cost effective solution in a variety of profile options, including cable connectors. With the full precision 12GHz capability and small profile, these conenctors are perfect for new designs.

Xtensa Repeater Range

Xtensa CXP Repeater Range

The Xtensa CXP-12 repeater range allows the user to use the full potential of CXP-12, whilst also being able to extend the length of the Coaxial Cables.

12GHz BNC Connectors

12GHz BNC Connectors

Our range of 12GHz BNC Connectors provide a robust design solution that offer future ready interconnection modules for your new and existing designs.

Bespoke Cable Assemblies

Bespoke Cable Assemblies

Specialists in Coaxial Cable assemblies, Cambridge Electronic Industries are happy to offer bespoke cable assemblies and looms to your design, using leading manufacturers components.

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